Heart Shock/Trauma, Pulse Diagnosis and Daoist Medicine

I’m pleased to share below a video of our latest Zoom discussions on Heart Shock/Trauma. In it, I discuss my approach to understanding trauma, how to diagnose and strategize its treatments. I also share the importance of creating resonance with patients, negotiating diagnoses and tapping into the patient’s lived experiences. You will find discussions on Daoist medicine, talismans, the Vagus nerve from a Chinese medicine perspective, and much more. I hope you enjoy it.

Additionally, I am also happy to announce that I am offering telemedicine/telehealth treatments plans for Heart Shock/Trauma, Autoimmune and Chronic lllnesses.

The impacts of trauma are more far-reaching than most realize. It is a common latent trigger to on-going anxiety, depression, feelings of overwhelm, fatigue, pain, autoimmune, and many other chronic illnesses. Not being local is no longer a barrier to receiving this guidance and treatment from Ross, a leading authority on trauma, chronic illness, and author of the above text. Via Zoom format, Ross will guide patients through a committed process to unwinding one of the most prevalent blocks to healing.

Included within this offering:

  • *1 hr initial consult and diagnostics via Zoom
  • *30 min monthly Zoom re-evaluations
  • *Herbal Formulas and Essential Oil blends
  • *Monthly Daoist Medicine talismans
  • *Meditation instruction and guidance
  • *Access to Ross’ teachings on Trauma (audio and video)
  • *Supplement recommendations
  • *Lifestyle support, including Dietary Therapy

Call (908) 654-4333 for pricing and details

Watch on YouTube or below.https://youtu.be/7gGbOpzsuOQ

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