Comprehensive Instruction in Shen-Hammer and Classical Chinese Medicine

Two Distinct Lineages: Separate and Synthesized

Ross's teachings encompass Shen-Hammer and Classical lineages individually as well as a synthesis of the two...

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Ross's New Book on Heart Shock and Trauma

Heart Shock: Diagnosis and Treatment of Trauma with Shen-Hammer and Classical Chinese Medicine

Detailed Analysis and Creation of Treatment and Management Plans

About Ross

About Ross

Specializing in teachings from the Shen-Hammer and Classical Chinese medicine lineages
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NCCAOM PDA approved Webinars

NCCAOM PDA approved Webinars

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More about Pulse Diagnosis

More about Pulse Diagnosis

Ross is a senior certified instructor in Shen-Hammer pulse diagnosis and teacher of both Shen-Hammer and Classical Pulse Diagnosis
Ross Rosen is one of, if not the most, brilliant people that I have ever met in my life. Practically everything that he does I support and I strongly recommend to you. In the Nei Jing over and over again they say that the superb diagnostic tool is the pulse; Ross is somebody that can deliver that to you. Ross is a valued instructor of and a direct inheritor of my work and teaching. He is extremely observant and creative in his work, adding to our accumulated knowledge more than any other associate. Of great value is his ability to formulate the essence of Chinese medicine in simple terms accessible to the average person. Chinese medicine at its best, as practiced by Ross Rosen, is capable of discerning the disease process at a very early stage before it manifests an illness, therefore preventing disease, and above all capable of delineating and treating the individual who has the disease. [Ross] has developed a very sophisticated methodology...that integrates this system with the traditional pulse system that he learned from Dr. Jeffey Yuen...He is one of the most informed practitioners and creative talented teachers of the Shen-Hammer pulse system and it gives me a joy to recommend a speaker and teacher. -Dr. Leon I. Hammer
Ross Rosen has been studying with me since 2006 in all aspects of classical Chinese medicine. His tenacity and rigor in the learning and the grasping of the essences of Chinese medicine are highly commendable. More importantly, Ross demonstrates the same enthusiasm and devotion in teaching the art of this medicine and the heart of its profundity. He offers depth in his insights and conveys endless qi in the unraveling of the mysteries of Chinese medicine and healing. -Jeffrey C. Yuen