Rate on Exertion Assessment Demo

Here is a video demonstrating how to perform the Rate on Exertion pulse assessment. As a reminder:

•The Heart and Circulatory system should respond to the energetic demands of movement within certain parameters.

•An increase of 8-12 beats/min is considered normal.

•Changes outside this range are considered pathological.

•To assess, instruct the patient to stand and swing the arm vigorously in a circle approximately ten times. 

•Using the other arm, immediately check the rate for ten seconds, and multiply the number by six.

•Compare to rate taken at the end of the pulse examination.

•Rate increases by 8-12 beats/min – Normal

•Rate increases by > 12 beats/min – Heart blood deficiency

•Between 13-18 bpm:  Mild

•Between 19-28 bpm:  Moderate

•Between 29-35:  Severe

•Between 35-45:  Very Severe

•Above 45:  Extremely Severe

•Rate stays the same or rises by < 8 beats/min – Heart Qi deficiency

•Rate decreases – severe Heart Yang deficiency

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