Zhuyou: Incantations, Talismans and Ritual Healing

An integral part of Chinese medicine detailed in the Neijing SuWen, Zhuyou was eliminated as an official department in the Ming dynasty due to Confucian influence, leaving it primarily within the purview of Daoism and Daoist priests. In this class, Daoist priests Josh Paynter, Jack Schaefer and Ross Rosen will unlock the power of this ritual healing method, detailing its history, theory, preparations, and practice. Time will be spent teaching methodology, ritual play, narrative and storytelling, as well as the formal methods for drawing and administering the talismans. Attendees will leave the weekend having learned specific talismans and incantations for a variety of ailments, including those within the categories of psychology, gastroenterology and gynecology.

Please note: this has never been taught before in the west and requires dedication, practice, and effort to be administered efficaciously.

*Tuition includes calligraphy brush, cinnabar ink, mulberry/turmeric talisman paper

Classical Pulse Diagnosis: Portland

chinese pulseIn this weekend course in Portland, OR, Ross will provide a schematic paradigm for the use of Classical pulse diagnosis, including instruction on:

*identifying wei-defensive level energetics and sinew meridians (and their relationship to Shang Han Lun),
*luo-ying level pulses and their psychosocial developmental relationships,
*yuan level energetics of the divergent channel and 8 extraordinary meridians.
*An overview of directional/dynamic pulses and identifying personality, constitution and organ system energetics will also be discussed and demonstrated.

*For those also studying/practicing Shen-Hammer pulse, Ross will discuss overlapping concepts and discuss models for their synthesis, including such concepts as the nervous system, Heart Shock, Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies, retained pathogens and Dr. Shen’s formulas.

Dates:  March 25-26, 2017

Location:  Kwan Yin Healing Center East, Portland, OR

Cost:  $425


Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis: Albuquerque

pulseDiaHeaderBeginning April, Ross will be teaching 3 weekends in Albuquerque, NM on the Shen-Hammer Pulse system. Weekends build on each other to provide consistent instruction and allow for rapid inclusion into one’s clinical practice.

Each weekend is approved for 14 NCCAOM PDA/CEUs



April 29-30 (Beginner I)
June 3-4 (Beginner II)
July 8-9 (Intermediate I)

Registration is through Golden Flower Chinese Herbs