Classical Pulse Diagnosis: Portland

chinese pulseIn this weekend course in Portland, OR, Ross will provide a schematic paradigm for the use of Classical pulse diagnosis, including instruction on:

*identifying wei-defensive level energetics and sinew meridians (and their relationship to Shang Han Lun),
*luo-ying level pulses and their psychosocial developmental relationships,
*yuan level energetics of the divergent channel and 8 extraordinary meridians.
*An overview of directional/dynamic pulses and identifying personality, constitution and organ system energetics will also be discussed and demonstrated.

*For those also studying/practicing Shen-Hammer pulse, Ross will discuss overlapping concepts and discuss models for their synthesis, including such concepts as the nervous system, Heart Shock, Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies, retained pathogens and Dr. Shen’s formulas.

Dates:  March 25-26, 2017

Location:  Kwan Yin Healing Center East, Portland, OR

Cost:  $425


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