Moving Out Of The House That Fear Built: Zika

by Ann Tomoko Rosen

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

On a recent trip to Costa Rica I discovered that fear has found its way to my “happy place” – or rather it infected it with Zika virus hysteria. This had been coming, I suppose – with the influx of ex-pats come modern conveniences and the comforts of home and I have felt the world creeping in little by little. Alas, the discomforts of home have also arrived… in the form of pandemic fears.
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Why I’m No Fitbit Fan | The Healthy Home Economist

Back in 2008 I began noticing alarming pulse qualities on young individuals. Qualities that were typically found in patients post-radiation treatments for cancer therapies. Over time, Dr. Leon Hammer and I determined this trend was revealing the effects of radiation (EMFs) on our physiologies. We published a paper on this topic in 2009 which can be found here:,%20Leather,%20Electronic%20Age%20and%20Radiation.pdf

The article below similarly suggests our conclusions.

Why I’m No Fitbit Fan | The Healthy Home Economist.